Review of Elements Degustation Menu

On Friday 2nd March 2018, Le Bouquet welcomed renowned chef Jason LeGear who presented a special degustation menu – Elements Vol. 4.

Here’s a review (copied from FB by kind permission) by, Rick, one of the lucky diners:

I attended Jason Legear’s magical, “Elements Vol 4” Pop Up dinner last night at Le Bouquet Vinoteka, in Vinohrady, not really knowing what to expect. But I am here to tell you, dear friends, that it was an incredible sensory experience, not only in the culinary sense, but as a unique and inspiring social gathering of some of the most creative, intelligent and entertaining people that I have ever had the pleasure of dining with.

It was more than a thematic repast of conceptual abstractions extracted from the sensorium, it was a celebration of the gifts of the earth, air and sea. This was a seven course work of art which was in essence, pure alchemy. Jason’s amalgamation of tastes, textures and presentation which ultimately transcended the average elegant dinner to art, was a thing to behold. And those who know me know that I don’t use the term, artist, flippantly. I can only imagine what Jason’s former restaurant in Mala Strana, “The Little Whale” must have been like.

Presented along with wine pairings, the choices were meticulously thought out and followed an almost evolutionary procession. I was floored. The Octopus and Seaweed soup, was unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. There was also the best paté I’ve ever had, a superb flash-fried cauliflower, Mackerel, a wild game plate of venison and a chocolate finger cake with sweet cream that topped of one of the most intoxicating experiences of my life.

Thank you Jason for this otherworldly experience, and also for introducing me to some very special new friends, Edie, Martina, Paul, Danyal, Katerina, Helena, the insanely talented singer, Roberto and perhaps the funniest German I will ever meet, Tomas (I will be telling that American joke for the rest of my life, thank you!) I was honored that you accepted this crude American into your wonderful circle.

Thank you for a memorable experience that I hope we can do again soon!

And thanks for these pictures by kind permission of another diner, Paul:

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